I received a machine (Ubuntu 12.04 server) from a coworker when he left the company. I created my own user as sudo/admin and used the machine for months via SSH. After rebooting for the first time since I was given the machine, I discovered that my user and everything I installed were missing. My user wasn't in the /etc/passwd file and the /home/myuser directory was missing. When I recreated the user and reinstalled everything, I didn't get any suspicious errors.

I suspect that I might have been in a snapshot/jail/container environment the whole time before rebooting, but how can I tell?


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Part 3 of 3 (from here): sudo lxc-list to list the containers. If there's one listed, you might start it and see if your user is there.

As for whether you were working in a snapshot, that would imply that some virtualization was operating. Outside of looking for KVM: sudo dpkg -l | grep -i kvm, this is outside of the scope of the OS.

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