I have a VM using ubuntu 14.04. running on a windows. If I use the terminal on the VM desktop, I can connect to my servers without passwords using registered SSH Keys.

When I connect to the VM from my windows using a ssh client, I cannot log in the server without password.

Linux(VM) ---> Server                     |  Authentication with SSH keys works

SSH session ---> Linux(VM) ---> Server    | Ask for the server password.

How can it use the SSH key registered in the VM when I am remotely connected?

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Not sure which client you are using, but for some the default settings is to forward SSH agent requests and to ignore the middle-man's key(s). Look in your documentation to disable "agent forwarding", in ssh(1) that is the -a option and the ForwardAgent configuration value.

  • I tried with Putty and SmarTTY. Looking into that.
    – Syl
    Nov 24, 2014 at 12:48

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