On a server I own; Git was not working. I found that Git is installed in

So, to make Git available to be used without full path; I logged into ssh as root. Then I modified ~/.bash_profile (vim .bash_profile) and appended /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin with PATH.

PATH now looks like:


With this; git is now working fine. But I just want to make sure that nothing is messed up.

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It doesn't look messed up, and you put the directory at the end of your PATH, so commands in that directory cannot mask some system command.

Here are a few additional things you can check:

  • Are there any strange commands in the directory that have nothing to do with git, in particular ones that look like mistyped "common" commands (e.g. mroe as mistyped more).
  • The write permissions on the directory should be for root only
  • Reconsider why you need root to use git, if it is for revision control of e.g. the /etc directory then that is fine. If you do normal software development, you should reconsider setting that up so you can do that as normal user.

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