I want to run a script with nohup because it takes long time but it needs a password to run. how can I write the command using nohup. For example to run the script interactively I first run php hat and when it asks for a key or password I write 123456.

I tried nohup php hat & password (for example 123) but that didn't work.


When you run a command with nohup, the stdin is redirected from /dev/null. So you cannot use nohup and manually enter a password.

Depending up on the program that you're using, you can use redirections to enter the password:

$ nohup bash -c 'read; echo $REPLY' <<<'hello'
$ tail -1 nohup.out 

So you could save your password in a file (say password.txt), and encrypt it using something like gpg with a password-protected private key (to get password.txt.gpg), and do:

gpg -d password.txt.gpg | nohup php hat

Or, you could use something like screen.

First start a screen session (this command actually either starts a session named my-php-script-session, or brings one that is already running to the foreground):

screen -D -RR -S my-php-script-session

Then in the shell that opens, run your command normally:

php hat

Enter your password, and then detach the screen session: Ctrla, followed by d.

You can re-attach it by running the first screen command again.

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