I have a 4GB usb storage drive that I cannot save files to. I have copied the information I want from it, so now I would like to rescue is as a freshly formatted drive, if that is possible. There is no read-only lock switch on this device.

This is what happens:

[root@localhost]/home/Harry# cd /run/media/Harry/2030-0761
[root@localhost]/run/media/Harry/2030-0761# ls -l
ls: cannot access iambic11: Input/output error
total 40
drwx------ 35 Harry Harry 8192 Sep 16 16:46 arduinos
drwx------  5 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 16  2013 cranksmall
drwx------  2 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 18 13:08 iambic10
d?????????  ? ?     ?        ?            ? iambic11
drwx------  4 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 15  2013 Phasor1
drwx------  5 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 15  2013 Phasor2
drwx------  3 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 16 16:44 readfromarduino04
drwx------  3 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 19 18:18 readfromarduino07
drwx------  5 Harry Harry 4096 Aug  1  2013 SWR
drwx------  5 Harry Harry 4096 Sep 15  2013 SwrWinExe
[root@localhost]/run/media/Harry/2030-0761# rm iambic11
rm: cannot remove ‘iambic11’: Read-only file system
[root@localhost]/run/media/Harry/2030-0761# chmod 777 iambic11
chmod: cannot access ‘iambic11’: Input/output error

gparted shows this drive but says it cannot be unmounted, and still shows the same even after:

[Harry@localhost]~% fuser -k /run/media/Harry/2030-0761

I am floundering in areas that are seldom visited by me, please can anyone help?


Try sudo umount -v /run/media/Harry/2030-0761. If it says "device busy", try lsof /run/media/Harry/2030-0761; this will show applications that have something in the filesystem open. It will likely be shells and file browsers. Check those and navigate out of the filesystem and try umount again.

If that doesn't work, since you've said you intended to reformat this anyway, just pull it out, disable automounting, put it back in again and do what you want.

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