How do I escape output in the program providing completion? Suppose:

tcsh% complete foo 'p/*/`mycomp`/'

And mycomp is a Perl program printing this:

print "one\n";
print "two three\n";
print "four\\ five\n";
print "six\\\\ seven\n";

Then when I do:

tcsh% foo <tab>

tcsh still won't give me "two three" or the other two-word entries as single entries, but prints this:

five  four\ one   seven six\\ three two

Where each word (+ backslashes) is a single entry.

  • AFAIK I know, this is not possible. But I didn't dig that deep in the source, so I might be wrong. – Martin Tournoij Nov 24 '14 at 17:41

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