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I want to install a virtual machine, and i need to install a SFX file. I know the command for Ubuntu is chmod +x filename.sfx But I don't know the command for Debian. Does any one know?

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    A sfx file is (usually) a self extracting archive. chmod is used here to make it executable, not to "install" it. Then you execute it to extract the content. And chmod is available on Debian too. – Leiaz Nov 22 '14 at 18:36
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The command 'chmod +x filename' does not install anything, it just sets the "executable" attribute on file.

If you write a shell script with the filename 'myscript' and then you do 'chmod +x myscript' then instead of doing 'sh myscript' to run it, you will be able to do so with only 'myscript' (assuming the file is in a directory in your path).

That being said, 'chmod' is a common utility found on virtually every unix(-like) OS out there, and Ubuntu is merely a highly customised version of Debian, which is a distro of Linux, which is a unix clone.

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