I really don't know much about Linux but am forced to copy some data onto a RAID over a Linux server as the person responsible isn't available.

It seems as the process has stopped. I don't know whether I have stopped it. The process is attached. Meaning it was stopped or not? Why can I not resume it? I tried to detach it but that doesn't work.

Can anyone help?

root@phenomen01:/usr/local/bin# screen -r 9603.pts-0.phenomen01
There is a screen on:
        9603.pts-0.phenomen01   (11/20/2014 09:11:58 PM)        (Attached)
There is no screen to be resumed matching 9603.pts-0.phenomen01.

root@phenomen01:/usr/local/bin# screen -d
[9603.pts-0.phenomen01 detached.]
  • please reformat the output so it's readable. Can you add details on how the data is copied? Which tool/commands are used? How is it scheduled or triggered? Could it be you are already connected to the screen session and as such cannot attach to the session a second time? – Bram Nov 22 '14 at 17:05

"Attached" / "detached" refers to the virtual screen console, not to the copy process.

If there is one screen session only then the easiest way to get it back is:

screen -x

If there are several ones then the above command gives you their names.

If the process running in screen (usually a shell) exits then the screen console is closed.

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