I have installed python 2.7.8 via make and make install and then pip via get-pip. I have to note that I work behind a proxy which I have set up via

  • http_proxy
  • ftp_proxy
  • https_proxy


  • my user's ~/.zshrc
  • root's /root/.basrc

now I am able to run pip

  • on my user account
  • on root account

but I am not able to run it via my user's shell using sudo

sudo pip
sudo: pip: command not found

What is wrong here?


That'll be because the PATH is different when running with sudo. Try comparing:

which pip


sudo which pip
sudo env

One secure workaround is to create a symbolic link to pip in /usr/local/bin or even /usr/bin. If you install pip using a package manager it will do this automatically on several (most?) distros.

  • 6
    thanks, alias sudo='sudo env PATH=$PATH' solved the issue.
    – Patryk
    Nov 21 '14 at 15:36
  • There are security issues with that - you don't want to blindly set this in all your environments!
    – l0b0
    Nov 21 '14 at 15:39
  • 7
    I'm not sure if it was super clear in this answer, but the solution is indeed a ln -s /usr/local/bin/<stuff> /usr/bin/<stuff>
    – JulienD
    Aug 19 '15 at 8:35

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