More than failed it was a partial update, when I was updating there was a power failure and my laptop shutdown (battery is broken). Now when I try switching my system on, it shows the chameleon and then it just shows a small cursor at the top left of the screen and stays there forever. Any help to recover?

  • tried running run level 3, worked, did a zypper update, it gave me a bunch of programs that wont be installed and said nothing to do. Any solution please? – Aadi Droid Jul 19 '11 at 8:08

Just a thought:

  • insert installation CD in the drive
  • reboot
  • start installation
  • at the second stage, when the hardware is initialized go to console
  • mount your harddisk
  • mount CD
  • cp -av /your_cd_mount_point /your_harddrive/INSTALLCD
  • when done, eject CD, reboot
  • run system in runlevel 3
  • rpm -qa --last > installed_recently_rpms
  • go to repositories management
  • disable all repositories
  • add local repo from HDD (the one you just installed)
  • accept, run software managemet
  • find all packages which were recently updated (see point above), choose "update unconditionally"
  • accept
  • wait and pray
  • reboot

Good luck!

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  • guess what, i tried a lot of solutions, nothing worked. Re installed suse, still same problem !!!! now what ? – Aadi Droid Jul 24 '11 at 16:08

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