I need to grab and debug all HTTP-requests and responds which I make from lynx or another text-based browser. How can I save all request URLs, redirects, headers and page sources for analyze and debug this information? I do not need JavaScript support. What tools are better for this purpose?


To partially solve my problem, I used w3m text-based browser.

I start w3m with -reqlog option and w3m save all headers, addresses history and cookies in ~/.w3m directory.

For example:

$ w3m -reqlog https://google.com

Check ~/.w3m:

$ ls ~/.w3m
cookie  history  request.log

In ~/.w3m/request.log stored all headers.

How can I keep the body of the pages?

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    I think you mean "grab" here, not "grub", so I changed that. Have a look at wireshark; it's easy enough to view the http headers and allows you to save a record you can latter re-examine. You need to do a little setup to run it as a regular user by adding yourself to the wireshark group (and logging in again to make that effective).
    – goldilocks
    Commented Nov 19, 2014 at 14:42

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Lynx's -trace option logs the information requested by OP, along with much more. That is written to ~/Lynx.trace

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