I spend a lot of time searching code. I really like grep and find, because of all the options available. But it takes way too long to navigate the results. I use xemacs and it takes 3 more commands to review each result. Open the file, ctrl+s, and type out the same thing I just grepped for.

After a search, I’m envisioning arrow keying through results, press enter and bam, have the file opened and be staring at the exact line of code listed.

Is there a way to do this?


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Within XEmacs, "M-x grep" (loaded from 'compile) runs grep in a sub-shell. The output is parsed by compile mode and you can middle-click on any match to go directly to the matching line in the appropriate file.

Although, I just learned today that "M-x igrep" (and "M-x igrep-find") is preferred to "M-x grep"

Am I missing something, that this answer hasn't come up in over 3 years?

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