Sometimes when working with big files containing many functions I would like to create some splits showing specific functions and nothing more.

Is it possible in vanilla vim or with some plugin to limit the window to show only a region of a buffer?

Just to be clear, currently I open several splits for the same buffer and navigate to the function and that works. but I would like to enhance that by:

1) Not showing the before and after text , to help me focus 2) Locking the windows to that region of text so I cannot accidentally move away (by searching , etc).

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The NrrwRgn - A Narrow Region Plugin similar to Emacs plugin can show parts of the buffer in a separate scratch buffer, with automatic syncing back. That looks like a solution when you're concerned about moving away from the view. Otherwise, I would just size a split window to show exactly what you want, and keep it at that.


You can use folds to fold the portions you do not want to pay attention to.

To create a fold use v{motion}zf in visual mode. Use za and zd to unfold and remove a fold respectively. You can also create folds in command mode. Essentially {motion}zf.

This video might be a handy reference.

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