I have an internet connection that won't stay connected.

My build:

Arch x86_64 plain UEFI/BIOS install on USB mSATA SSD
Network Manager
dhcp is enabled at boot with static IP
resolv.conf is set to use OpenNIC

I have no problem with booting up and connecting to the internet. However, it will eventually disconnect and I can not reconnect until I reboot. I always get the same timeout failure.

This seems to only occur when I am using a VPN or VirtualBox (E.g.: Windows 7 VM from inside Arch). I can still initally use the VPN or VM internet normally with good settings but it will inevitable disconnect. I don't want to conclude that the VPN or VM are related to the cause but I do notice that it will happen fairly quickly (5 minutes to 1 hour).

I may not fully understand how dhcp, resolv.conf and resolvconf.conf are working in relation to each other.

All generate an identical output before and after the fact:

ip addr, ip route, iw list, iw mlan0 info

I have added this to create a static IP:


# define static profile
profile static_mlan0
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

# fallback to static profile on mlan0
interface mlan0
fallback static_mlan0

I added the OpenNic DNS servers to resolv.conf:


# Generated by resolvconf

Intersetingly, even with there, I do not have the heartbleed, atleast according to IPLeak.net Oddly, to me, is never at the top of the list even it is written expressly in the dhcpcp.conf. It is using the manual entry from resolvconf.conf.



Journaling has been off in fstab since creation per SSD r/w issues.

I have been struggling to understand how I can fix this issue for over a month and a half. Has anyone see any mistakes here or know what could be causing this? Any help would be appreciated.

APPENDED per comment #1


PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

No output from the TCP dump. It is stalled. Not sure what Ethernet is doing here. I don't have any cables connected other than the mSATA USB.

tcpdump -i mlan0 -n

tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on mlan0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes

  • Can you still ping the gateway? ping What is the output of tcpdump -i mlan0 -n when connectivity has been lost (and you try to ping the gateway)? – Hauke Laging Nov 16 '14 at 22:51
  • @Hauke Laging - I appended the output for both. It looks strange that Ethernet is there but it also says this before I lose the connection. – David Nov 16 '14 at 23:54
  • I am not familiar with wireless networking. This problem seems to be the WLAN. It may be useful to change the question title and tags. Does the connection work again if you do this? ifdown mlan0; ifup mlan0 – Hauke Laging Nov 17 '14 at 4:13
  • It just crashed 5 minutes ago with only Firefox first time I noticed this. I'll try this next time it crashes. In the meantime, I will update the title and tags. Thanks. – David Nov 17 '14 at 4:19
  • @Hauke Laging - i tried the ifdown/ifup commands but they don't exist. i've been searching for a reason why i dont have this command/if i should/what are the dependencies/how do i get it questions. But, I havent found anything other than man pages and man style pages on usage. i dont want to seem dependent but i am really stumped. I am not getting responses here, Arch forums or Linux forum. :/ – David Nov 18 '14 at 0:12

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