I have a directory in Desktop named Project. I tried opening it using the cd command but it is not opening. What's the reason?

Check the screenshot. The directory has all the required permissions.

I tried with the root user also, but facing the same problem.


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    Can you do your screenshot with Alt+PrintScreen. It's not visible this way, forcing me to open it in a new Window. Nice background BTW.
    – tshepang
    Commented Jul 17, 2011 at 18:14

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It looks to me like the Project directory has a space at the start of it, so try:

cd " Project"

If it's something other than a space (say a tab) then

cd *Project

should do the trick.


There is a white space before Project.

Try this:

cd \ Project


cd ' Project'


cd " Project"

There seems to be an extra space, try:

$ cd " Project"

Looks like the directory starts with a space. Try cd \ Project


Am I the only one who thinks the OP's screen snapshot is a bit strange?

"ls -ll" should sort by filename. If the "Project" file began with some invisible character than looks like a space, why does it sort between "perl" and "Screenshot.png"?

If I go into any directory and do "mkdir ' Project'", then "ls -ll" sorts it at the top of the list.

This looks like a listing produced by "ls -lt".

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