I'm using this right now:

time md5sum -c *.txt | pv | grep -v ': OK$'

but aren't there any smart solutions that can list that how many files haven't been checked? I mean I have many md5sum's in .txt files in a dir, and I need to check them, but it would be a good thing to know that how much files are left to scan..

p.s.: so it's not really a progress bar, just a counter that output how many files are there left to "md5sum -c FILENAME"..


You could pass the names to md5sum one by one.

n=$(cat *.txt | wc -l)
cat *.txt | {
  i=0 bad=0
  while IFS= read -r line; do
    echo "Checking file $i/$n: $line"
    echo "$line" | md5sum -c - || bad=$((bad+1))
  [ $bad -eq 0 ] || { echo "$bad bad checksums"; false; }

Or, for casual use, you can run the simple command and check which file md5sum is up to by seeing what it has open.

lsof -p1234
# note the file name
cat *.txt | grep -n FILENAME

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