I'm using Elementary OS. I've installed Dropbox, now I can't uninstall it.

If I try to do it from the application centre it keeps on "applying changes". After about 2 hours, I abondoned this process.

Then I've tried both uninstalling and reinstalling it from the terminal. I got:

Dropbox is the easiest way to share and store your files online. Want to learn more? Head to http://www.dropbox.com/ Downloading Dropbox... 100%

Same as in app centre: it hangs. What do I do?


Dropbox is a proprietary binary, so it should be relatively easy to track down all of the relevant files and rm them.

Run sudo updatedb && locate dropbox and then remove all of the files. dropboxd will probably be in /usr/bin (or /bin/, depending on your distro) and you will have some files in $HOME/.dropbox)...

Then log into to the web interface and unlink any linked devices and delete your account.

  • The dropbox binary files are found in ~/.dropbox-dist. Probably this is not enough to eliminate dropbox entirely but you could try deleting this folder and try uninstalling it again. – To Do Jan 31 '15 at 15:35

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