I would like to create a full system backup using the duplicity.
Accordingly, I created a backup of the root directory /, excluding /proc, /sys, /tmp, and /mnt.
However, when trying to restore the backup to the root directory, I got the following error:

Restore destination directory / already exists.
Will not overwrite.

Upon adding the --force option to the command, I receive a series of [Errno 17] errors, stating that various files already exist.
Is it the case that to restore a duplicity backup, the destination file system must have enough space to extract the restoration to a temporary directory? It would then be up to the user to merge the backup data and existing system?


Unfortunately there is no way restoring backup with duplicity over existing files even with --force option.

Here is a discussion from duplicity-talks

Jeremy Polen wrote:
I am working on restoring files from duplicity to overwrite the current files that are on my server. I am getting the following message:

Restore destination directory /home/jeremy/www/index.htm already exists. Will not overwrite.

I know there is a --force option, but it doesn't help in this instance. Other than removing all the files before the restore, is there a way to force files to be overwritten?


Not at this point. Perhaps --force should be extended to this case. I'll look into it.


Either the file must be deleted prior to running the script, or a different path or file name must be used.

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