In CentOS 6 (6.6), the drbd package is not available, neither from the extras repository.

There is some information on the Net, like configure-drbd-centos-6-5, which I assume will work on CentOS 6.6.

However, drbd counts for one great package, and there doesn't seem to be an "official" CentOS way to get it (after googling a lot).

This makes me wonder

  • is there a way to get drbd from CentOS? or is the link above correct
  • or maybe there is a better alternative to drbd?
# yum list *drbd* | tail -n 5
drbd83-utils.x86_64                  8.3.16-1.el6.elrepo                  elrepo
drbd84-utils.x86_64                  8.9.1-1.el6.elrepo                   elrepo
drbdlinks.noarch                     1.26-1.el6                           epel
kmod-drbd83.x86_64                   8.3.16-2.el6.elrepo                  elrepo
kmod-drbd84.x86_64                   8.4.5-2.el6.elrepo                   elrepo

Elrepo and Epel aren't 'official' repos, but usful (don't forget about yum-plugin-priorities)

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