Is there a way to resolve DNS through HTTP/HTTPS, the case was:

my ISP redirecting every DNS request to their own DNS and poisoning the DNS records.

all I need is a software that could resolve requests using http or https, for example, when I set /etc/resolv.conf to


there would be a program/service that listens to and submit HTTP requests containing DNS queries to another server

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I found alternative answer that could solve the problem, using encrypted DNS, first install:

pacman -Sy dnscrypt-proxy

Then start the dnscrpyt program manually:

dnscrypt-proxy --resolver-name=cloudns-can

The list could be found on /usr/share/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv

Or automatically:

sudo systemctl enable dnscrypt-proxy
sudo systemctl start dnscrypt-proxy

Then change your /etc/resolv.conf


Shouldn't you consider DNSSEC and diffrent DNS resolver? You can get a list from here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Public+DNS+Servers&t=ffsb&ia=answer&iax=1

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