At work I usually run Windows 8 but I'm looking to use Linux since I'm mostly a Linux user. How do I connect to it usually? I just type //MIKE-SERVER then hit ENTER key in address bar of a file browser. How would I do that on Linux? It's a Windows Server.

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To connect to your share using CLI interface, you need to install smbclient (Samba client). Then you can access your windows machine like the following:

smbclient //MIKE-SERVER -U <your_windows_credentials>

and you will be prompted for a password.


It varies depending on your file browser you're using. Here I'm using Cinnamon's file browser, Nemo, which has a pulldown called "Connect to server". Most of the browsers have something similar.



You can put your server, share, and credentials in this dialog to connect to a remote server's share.

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