having trouble with some DNS configuration, I have managed to get part of the site working, however adding the prefix 'www', I'm finding a little tricky.

Essentially, what I want is

mysite.net -> IP address (This works fine) www.mysite.net -> IP address (This is not working)

I would really appreciate some pointers here, I believe my syntax is what is the source of the problem, but having looked at materials online, I haven't been able to find a solution.

Here is my code for my zone.

$ORIGIN mysite.net.
@       IN SOA  ns1 admin.mysite.net. (
                                    0       ; serial
                                    1D      ; refresh
                                    1H      ; retry
                                    1W      ; expire
                                    3H )    ; minimum
    1D IN NS        ns1
    1D IN A
www             CNAME   mysite.net.
www     1D IN A
ns1             1D IN A

www.mysite.net needs to have an A record for, and it also needs to be www, hence the reason for the CNAME, but it won't resolve. Any ideas to what I have done wrong here?

  • Have also tried www.mysite.net. 1D IN A with no success, I know that it's not possible to have a record with CNAME, but how can I point the www. -> – user3019191 Nov 13 '14 at 12:40

CNAME is used to create aliases to the same destination, however your domains (mysite.net and www.mysite.net) do not share the same destination. You must set up two A records:

$ORIGIN mysite.net.
@      IN SOA  ns1 admin.mysite.net. (
                                    0       ; serial
                                    1D      ; refresh
                                    1H      ; retry
                                    1W      ; expire
                                    3H      ; minimum

@      IN NS        ns1          ; mysite.net is handled by ns1.

@      IN A    ; mysite.net is at
ns1    IN A    ; ns1.mysite.net is at
www    IN A    ; www.mysite.net is at

Here, you have three machines available:

  •, which is hosting the DNS server. It can be reached through ns1.mysite.net.
  • which is hosting the first website through mysite.net.
  • which is hosting the second website through www.mysite.net.

This configuration should be made on, which seems to be your authoritative name server here. However, there is no need for a CNAME entry.

However, let's say that now, you want to add the forum subdomain, the content for which is hosted on, you may use:

forum  IN CNAME     www          ; forum is an alias to www (    

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