I have some query relating to some files.

Inputs :

List=”R1  7n  3n”  “R2  8n  1n”  “R3  1n  2n”  “R4  2n  3n”  “R5  3n  4n”

In output I want new list should start with the string having 1n information. New list:

“R2 8n 1n” “R3 1n 2n” “R4 2n 3n” “R5 3n 4n”

Please confirm can I do it with the help of Shell commands operations.


Please explain what is quotes? Is it usual "? If not - just substitute it in scripts.

If you can modify file1 to "[^"]1n.* it would be easy use grep

grep -of file1 file2 > file3

If not you are free to use sed

grep -o "$(sed -E 's/(.)(.*)(.)/\1[^\3]*\2.*/' file1)" file2 > file3

or even read

grep -o "$(read -r r <file;q=${r%${r#?}};printf "$q[^$q]*${r//["]/}.*")" file2 > file3

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