How to run two X servers together, each with its own layout, directly from command line, without any display manager (e.g. GDB, KDM or LightDM)?

Lets say there are two ServerLayout sections in xorg.conf. One with Identifier "seat0", second with "seat1". Then one can run a specific seat for example with one of these commands:

$ startx -- -layout seat0
$ startx -- -layout seat1

But these commands cannot be executed together! I do not know why but it does not work. (I am also curious what is a problem here?)

The reason why I am trying to leave out a display manager is because of debugging. When multiseat configuration does not work, it is difficult to find out whether there is a problem with a display manager configuration or driver perhaps.


Solution that worked for my machine with Debian Wheezy is comprised of two steps:

  • On two tty's create an autologin.
  • After autologin, automatically start the X with given seat.

I will not post more details because both steps are distro-specific.

Just a few notes:

  • Autologin can be done for two distinct users but also for one user.
  • For example in Arch, one must start X on terminal where the user is logged, because otherwise the server will fail due to permissions on /dev/tty's. This should be a case from some latest version of X.
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