Suppose I have a list of words in a text file e.g:

abstinence ; abuse ; academic ; accommodate ; accommodation ; accommodationist ; accomplice ; accomplish ; accord ; account ; accountable ; acquiescence ; acrimonious ; acronym

I want to change each word to a URL and download the file using commands in a terminal window. For example the first word from the list, that is, abstinence will change into https://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/abstinence.mp3 and the file abstinence.mp3 will be downloaded into a folder. Then the next word, that is, abuse will change into the url https://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/abuse.mp3 and the file abuse.mp3 will be downloaded from the url and so on.

Can it be done using commad line in terminal or using a script run in command line?



while read -d ';' word; do 
    wget "https://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/$word.mp3"; 
done < file


while read -d';' word will read each line from file, and save each ;-separated word (because of -d';') as $word. This is then passed to wget which downloads the file.


This works for me:

for word in $(tr -d \; < wordlist.txt); do
   wget https://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/$word.mp3


sed -i '' 's/;/\
/g' mp3.txt && sed -i '' s'/^/wget\ https:\/\/ssl.gstatic.com\/dictionary\/static\/sounds\/de\/0\//g' mp3.txt && sed -i '' s'/$/.mp3/g' mp3.txt && chmod +x mp3.txt && ./mp3.txt

using sed.


To download a list of files, you can use wget -i file, where file is the name of a file with a list of URL(s) to download.

For more details you can review the help page: man wget.

Constructing such a list of URLs from your list of words is easily done with text processing tools like sed.

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