I installed these:

yum install xscreensaver-base xscreensaver-extras xscreensaver-extras-base xscreensaver-gl-base xscreensaver-gl-extras

But there are no screensavers listed in settings: enter image description here Anyone got any idea's or I just file a bug?


I've tried to restart the system after installing the screensavers.


I found a solution, I installed some packages which I found after reading this, these are the packages I installed:

kdeartwork                 x86_64    4.14.3-1.fc21     fedora    2.2 M 
 kdeartwork-common          noarch    4.14.3-1.fc21     fedora     32 k 
 kdeartwork-kxs             x86_64    4.14.3-1.fc21     fedora     75 k 
 kdeartwork-screensavers    x86_64    4.14.3-1.fc21     fedora    652 k 
 kdeartwork-wallpapers      noarch    4.14.3-1.fc21     fedora    113 M 

with this command:

yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install kdeartwork*

Now I have some screen-savers to choose from in settings, but I don't think the other screen-savers I installed previously show up, so I'll have to investigate when I have the time and post back if no one with more knowledge answers.

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