I am using kali Linux 1.0.9 and when I boot it doesn't show the login screen just a command line for login. Before the login it shows Not starting Gnome display manager-it is not set as default. I have not used any other display manager so I don't know what is wrong. Can I restart it in any way?

Other Details. When I go to recovery mode and type gnome-display in the terminal it shows me this error. Window display manager error. I have not installed any new video cards or hardware or software. Everything is just as I had left it when I installed it yesterday


I went to the directory /etc/X11 and took created a file default-display-manager (for some reason it was missing). Then typed /usr/bin/gdm3. After rebooting it was fine but then it started showing a black screen when I log in so I installed another display manager(KDE).

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