I successfully installed Oracle 11g on a Fedora 15 system using this guide. Unfortunately, unlike when I'm using Windows, it seems I need to restart the database every single time I reboot my machine (it's a development machine, not a server).

I'm not sure this is the intended behavior or if I messed up something while installing the database.

Anyway, every single I reboot the machine I need to:

  • Use su to change the current user to the oracle user.
  • Use sqplus to startup the database.

Like this:

(oracle@machine)$ sqplus / as sysdba
SQL> startup
SQL> (Ctrl+D)
  • Then I need to start the listener using lsnrctl.

Once more:

(oracle@machine)$ lsnrctl start 
  • And now the Enterprise Manager should also be started.

At least:

(oracle@machine)$ emctl start dbconsole

I've taken those instructions from here.

I'm sorry if this quite noobish, I usually have a DBA or a sysadmin to setup an environment for me but I'm doing this at home, where I have no help (maybe I'm becoming quite spoiled as a developer :)).

I wonder if it's possible to automate this on Fedora 15 using a shell script. After automating, I'd like to hook this on the init system, so it's performed every time I start the machine.


I've found an answer on this guide on how to install Oracle 11g on CentOS 5.3. I did some minor tweaking on the init script. For the sake of completeness, I'll add steps here:

  • Edit /etc/oratab and change the last N on the configuration file to an Y.

Like this:


To this:

  • Create the script /etc/init.d/dbora.

It should have this contents:

# chkconfig: 345 99 10
# description: Oracle auto start-stop script.
# Set ORA_HOME to be equivalent to the $ORACLE_HOME
# from which you wish to execute dbstart and dbshut;
# Set ORA_OWNER to the user id of the owner of the
# Oracle database in ORA_HOME.


if [ ! -f $ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart ]
        echo "Oracle startup: cannot start"

case "$1" in


# Start the Oracle databases:
# The following command assumes that the oracle login
# will not prompt the user for any values

su - $ORA_OWNER -c "$ORA_HOME/bin/emctl start dbconsole"
su - $ORA_OWNER -c "$ORA_HOME/bin/lsnrctl start"
su - $ORA_OWNER -c "$ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart $ORA_HOME"


# Stop the Oracle databases:
# The following command assumes that the oracle login
# will not prompt the user for any values

su - $ORA_OWNER -c "$ORA_HOME/bin/emctl stop dbconsole"
su - $ORA_OWNER -c "$ORA_HOME/bin/lsnrctl stop"
su - $ORA_OWNER -c "$ORA_HOME/bin/dbshut $ORA_HOME"

  • Then change the script permission.

Like this:

chmod 750 /etc/init.d/dbora
  • Add it to chkconfig

Like this:

chkconfig --level 345 dbora on

Test it with /etc/init.d/dbora start and /etc/init.d/dbora stop. Be sure to have the correct path on the dbora script.


I think lsnrctl start is already included in the dbstart script.

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