I regularly have to ssh into four or so servers we run, at the same time. I have aliased these like.

alias sshserver1='ssh -t ${SERVER1} "bash -rcfile .my_bashrc"'
# Above line runs my specific bashrc called my_bashrc 
# (this is because many users log in as root, and we 
# have separate bashrcs for each of us. Yes, we should
# have different user accounts etc, but it is what it is).

My ssh is passwordless to these servers.

Currently I do open an instance of gnome-terminal, then tun Ctrl+T four times to open four tabs. Then cycle through them typing sshserver1 in the first, sshserver2 in the second etc. This is annoying.

What I want is to be able to create a function like

function sshallservers()
     #Function to open tabs and ssh into four servers
     1.) Open first tab, which must source specific .my_bashrc 
     to pick up the aliases, run alias sshserver1, thereby 
     ssh-ing to the relevant server.
     2.) Repeat for N servers

So I have tried with

gnome-terminal --tab --command "bash -c 'ssh root@server1'" 
               --tab --command "bash -c 'ssh root@server2'"

And this works as far as opening the tabs and sshing, however it has several problems ...

  1. I do not want to do root@server1, I want to do sshserver1 (defined as an alias in my local .my_bashrc file. So I want somehow this to be sourced and available such that I can use this alias.

  2. When the ssh command has been run, I want it to source the remote .my_bashrc file, this may be achieved just by being able to use the alias as my alias is defined to source this with the -rcfile flag

I cannot find a way to make the new tab source a local bashrc file, and so cannot get my alias working. Since I don't have my alias working, I cannot tell ssh to run the bash -rcfile .my_bashrc command, so the remote bashrc file isn't automatically sourced either.

  • As I remember alias can't use variables inside of it - so use function instead. function sshserv(){gnome-terminal --tab --command "bash -c 'ssh root@$1 "bash -rcfile .my_bashrc"'"} and use as sshserv server1 – Costas Nov 7 '14 at 12:09
  • With the multiple use of double quotes I get "Argument to "--command/-e" is not a valid command: Text ended before matching quote was found for '." (The text was 'bash -c 'ssh root@server1 bash') – Joey O Nov 7 '14 at 12:18
  • Try this --command="bash -c 'ssh root@$1 \"bash -rcfile .my_bashrc\"'" – Costas Nov 7 '14 at 12:53
  • Have you considered tmux? it is a great tool for text-only workers. A bit of a learning curve but it pays off. – Luis Antolín Cano Nov 11 '14 at 21:21
  • @costas, please move your answer to the answers section so that it can be marked as correct, and noticed by others arriving at this post. – Catskul Jan 20 '15 at 20:33

As I remember alias can't use variables inside of it - so use function instead.

function sshserv {
    gnome-terminal --tab --command "
        bash -c 'ssh root@$1 \"bash -rcfile .my_bashrc\"'"

and use as

sshserv server1

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