Lately my Arch Linux desktop freezes more frequently after I boot it up. Now it happens about 4-6 times before I finally get a complete startup. It freezes as different points, sometimes at a message about starting Color Management or Authorization Manager; other times after logging in to GDM or after starting Firefox. If it gets as far as Gnome, I can still move the mouse cursor but all windows are frozen. I can't change consoles or perform anything else with the keyboard except SysReq+REISUB. Could it have to do with my CPU needing to warm up? It seems to have gotten worse in the cold weather.

I've asked about the same issue in the Arch Linux forums but wasn't able to resolve it.

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I've posted the answer to the Arch Linux forums:

I think the issue is the nouveau drivers. I've switched back to nvidia and it's stable so far. The reason I switched away from nvidia in the first place was that Firefox had some stability issues. But that's better than the whole system freezing, so I'll stick with nvidia for now.

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