I am using Ubuntu server as a samba server. The solution I am looking for is whenever the disks are inserted (cd or dvd) they should get auto-mounted to /cdrom directory. Are there any tools for achieving this? I installed ivman, and it is running as a daemon. But it is doing nothing.

EDIT 1: Tried autofs, and it doesn't work as well. There is a bug report on launchpad which suggests that autofs for lucid is broken.


Personally I would go the autofs-route. But as you stated autofs might be broken on Lucid (I'm not an Ubuntu-User).

You could also try udev-wrappers or rules. The Arch Linux wiki has something on that. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Udev#UDisks

  • I have default udev rules like so: SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_CDROM}=="?*", ENV{ID_PATH}=="pci-0000:00:1f.5-scsi-0:0:0:0", SYMLINK+="cdrom", ENV{GENERATED}="1" But they are not working. – nixnotwin Jul 17 '11 at 11:59

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