I am working in Windows machine I have connected to Unix Machine using Putty, I want to transfer file from my local Windows Machine to Connected Unix Machine, Please suggest what is the command,

  • I like putty but I also like cygwin which gives you more than just ssh and sftp functionality. – Red Cricket Nov 4 '14 at 18:15

With putty you have a utility called pscp (putty secure copy).

In putty create a profile that allow connection without password. Let's name it mycopy.

Now copy pscp to local dir. Now you can copy using

pscp -profile mycopy *.txt
  • *.txt local text file
  • /tmp dir in host with IP
  • -profile mycopy indicate which profile to use

you can fecth a remote file (/foo/bar/afile.sh).

pscp -profile mycopy .

You can use psftp connection which is included in Putty installation (PSFTP.EXE at the same folder).

You just enter sftp <your_machine_ip> and then use standard ftp commands to copy/paste files between hosts (put <local_file> do upload, get <remote_file> to download, etc.).

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