I am using tmux after logging into our university server. I have multiple screens (created with Ctrl-B c), some for editing different files. Some for running programs. I go through the tasks with Ctrl-B n and Ctrl-B p, but sometimes this takes long to find the right one.

Is there a shortcut to a screen running some specific program. Or is there some other way to manage the screens (sometimes ten or more)?


You can get a list of "screens" with Ctrl+B w. This shows the main program running without any options, so that help a bit but not much.
You should name your screens with Ctrl+B , after you make them, that will make that list much more useful.

This is what I get after Ctrl+B w, you can select the entry with and followed by Return, or by clicking with the mouse.

enter image description here

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See the list-windows option in the man page:

list-windows [-a] [-F format] [-t target-session]
(alias: lsw)
If -a is given, list all windows on the server. Otherwise, list windows in the current session or in target-session. For the meaning of the -F flag, see the FORMATS section.

From within tmux, open a command line with : and then issue the command:list-windows to see a list:

0: TTYtter  (1 panes) [142x60] [layout b07d,142x60,0,0,0] @0
1: NZOSA  (1 panes) [142x60] [layout b07e,142x60,0,0,1] @1
2: SSH  (1 panes) [142x60] [layout b07f,142x60,0,0,2] @2
3: IRC  (1 panes) [142x60] [layout b080,142x60,0,0,3] @3
4: Shell- (1 panes) [142x60] [layout b081,142x60,0,0,4] @4
5: bash* (1 panes) [142x60] [layout b082,142x60,0,0,5] @5 (active)

If you use this command frequesntly, bind it to a key to make it more convenient to run:

bind-key C-w list-windows
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  • I tried typing ":" but that just goes to the program that is running in the screen (vi command prompt eg) – Shavi Nov 2 '14 at 20:18
  • Sorry I see first Ctrl-B – Shavi Nov 2 '14 at 20:19

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