I rolled back my system by using

snapper rollback

Unfortunately this caused my current default volume to not be at the root of my filesystem anymore. As you can see in this screenshot: current state of my system

The question is: How can I fix this? I want the current default-subvolume to stay the default subvolume, but I want it to be the new "root" subvolume, not a subset of my old default subvolume.

I found this: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/UseCases#How_do_I_mount_the_real_root_of_the_filesystem_once_I.27ve_made_another_subvolume_the_default.3F which I believe deals with this exact problem, but whenever I try to mount it using that command, I just get

mount: /dev/mapper/cryptroot is already mounted or / busy
   /dev/mapper/cryptroot is already mounted on /

Besides: Wouldn't I have to create some permanent mount (thinking about something like fstab maybe)?

edit: I fixed it. I made an rsync backup of my current snapshot (18), changed the default volume to the root volume (5) and rebooted from a usb stick. Then I just rsynced everything from my external drive back onto my pc, rebooted and all was good.

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