I'd like the following configuration for my mutt.

If the email is in the foo folder in mutt, then the s key in the attachment view should save the attachment to the ~/bar directory.

In any other mailbox, the s key should be mapped to the normal <save-entry> command in the attachment view.

I tried to use a folder-hook to map a new macro like this:

folder-hook foo "macro attach s <save-entry><kill-line>~/bar/<enter>"

But, this command does not unset the macro as soon as I move to a different mailbox. How can I accomplish this unsetting of the macro for all other folders?


Multiple folder-hooks are always executed in order.

So you must first provide a configuration that matches all folders; then configurations for particular folders.

In your case, first define the default binding for all folders, and then the particular macro for the foo folder:

folder-hook . "macro attach s <save-entry>"
folder-hook foo "macro attach s <save-entry><kill-line>~/bar/<enter>"

I found the default binding by pressing ? in the attachment menu and searching for s.

This is mentioned in mutt documentation for folder-hook:

...is not restored to its previous value when reading a different mailbox. To specify a default command, use the pattern “.” before other folder-hooks adjusting a value on a per-folder basis because folder-hooks are evaluated in the order given in the configuration file.

  • You're right. I should RTFM more clearly. I had missed out on the . representing all folders and was looking for a regex like expression to get the things done. – darnir Nov 2 '14 at 5:58
  • . is actually a regex; it matches any single character (which all folder names have). I use . a lot for un-limiting message list views (L . <enter>). – Juancho Nov 2 '14 at 11:35

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