I spent quite a while researching the problem I encountered but none of the getopts tutorial say anything about the leading whitespace in OPTARG when using getopts.

In bash(on Ubuntu and OSX), executing below commands:

OPTIND=1 && getopts ":n:" opt "-n 1" && echo "OPTARG: '$OPTARG'"

and it echos:

OPTARG: ' 1'

However, if I execute this:

OPTIND=1 && getopts ":n:" opt "-n1" && echo "OPTARG: '$OPTARG'"

then I will get what I expect:


From what I read online:

Normally one or more blanks separate the value from the option letter; however, getopts also handles values that follow the letter immediately [Reference]

If the above quote is universally right for getopts, what do I do wrong that I get that leading whitespace in OPTARG?


You should just leave out the double quotes around "-n -1", as that is what preserves the space before the 1:

OPTIND=1 && getopts ":n:" opt -n 1 && echo "OPTARG: '$OPTARG'"


  • Thanks for the workaround!! I use getopts in my bash script and I will try if getopts ":n:" opt $@ will do the trick. Since it does not work if I don't explicitly pass $@ to the command like this getopts ":n:" opt
    – GJ.
    Nov 5 '14 at 2:52
  • It seems like getopts does not like the double quote around the option string. :) getopts ":n:" opt $@ works perfectly!
    – GJ.
    Nov 5 '14 at 3:17

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