I enjoy using nano as a respite from my usual GTK-based text editor. I like the simplicity of the interface, and using CTRL-K is the fastest way I know of to edit down long textfiles.

However, I have one major gripe: whenever I justify text using CTRL-J, the editor prints the smug little message Can now UnJustify! -- yet I have not been able to find a way to unjustify text. Pressing M-U (which a Google search could reveal, M-U not being mentioned at all in the program's help files) simply seems to cause a glitch. The keyboard becomes unresponsive. Am I missing something?


If you press Ctrl+U immediately after Ctrl+J, the justification is undone. Nano in fact tells you (the ^U shortcut description at the bottom changes from UnCut Text to UnJustify). No, I won't blame you for not noticing that. You can't unjustify if you've typed anything after Ctrl+J. Yes, that's pretty underwhelming (far from a general undo).

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    Nano 2.4 + now has undo support enabled. ALT+U and ALT+E are undo and redo respectively. – cb88 Mar 23 '15 at 13:18

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