I am trying to install http://stagehand.pub

I change my Terminal path to :/Users/king/Desktop/dart/dart-sdk

I check to see if my PATH is change and run echo $PATH in terminal and I get

green:~ king$ echo $PATH

I type pub global activate stagehand and the output is -bash: : command not found

UPDATED change path to /Users/king/Desktop/dart/dart-sdk/bin

to set up the path to include pub bin scripts all you do is enter this in terminal right? $ pub global activate stagehand

Anyways after I did that I tried to continue the tutorial on stagehand.pub and this is the result green:~ king$ pub global activate stagehand Package stagehand is currently active at version 0.1.2. Resolving dependencies... (2.8s)

args 0.12.0+2 bignum 0.0.6 cipher 0.7.1 collection 1.0.0 crypto 0.9.0 fixnum 0.9.0 path 1.3.0 stagehand 0.1.2 uuid 0.4.1 Precompiling executables... Loading source assets... Precompiled stagehand:stagehand. Activated stagehand 0.1.2. No such file or directory Command: chmod +x /Users/king/.pub-cache/bin/stagehand green:~ king$ cd /Users/king/dart green:dart king$ stagehand -o testapp webapp -bash: stagehand: command not found green:dart king$ Seems the command "stagehand -o webapp" is not found. :/ any suggestion?

My Full .bash_profile is this export PATH="/Users/king/Desktop/dart/dart-sdk/bin"

My Error is this -bash: stagehand: command not found green:dart king$


Can you please post the contents of your .bashrc/.zshrc? It will be easier if I can see how exactly your path is setup.

On my system, (because I put the Dart folder in /Applications), the location of the pub binary on my system is:


Also in order to execute pub, I have to do like so:

$ ./pub

  • my .bash_profile says export PATH=${PATH}:/Users/king/Desktop/dart/dart-sdk/ – bossk Oct 27 '14 at 20:49
  • Ok well first off, you need to make it: /Users/king/Desktop/dart/dart-sdk/bin. – damianesteban Oct 27 '14 at 21:02
  • Thanks I got farther but I still did something wrong :( any more errors you see? – bossk Oct 28 '14 at 3:23
  • What's the exact error you are getting, and can you post you entire .bash_profile please? You can modify your original question and add to it. – damianesteban Oct 29 '14 at 5:15
  • Okay updated with error and full bash_profile which is short – bossk Oct 29 '14 at 7:32

Your question is 'how to set up dart path.' I'll answer it only.(stagehand is another problem)

  1. Download dart-sdk zip.
  2. Extract zip.
  3. You can see ./dart-sdk/bin
  4. From bash, Set ./dart-sdk/bin to your PATH.

    add belows to your .bashrc

    export PATH="$PATH":/your_path/dart-sdk/bin

  5. Launch bash again. Alternatively, source .bashrc

  6. Run dart from prompt.

The result should be ...

dart Usage: dart

Executes the Dart script passed as .

Common options:

--checked or -c Insert runtime type checks and enable assertions (checked mode).

--help or -h Display this message (add -v or --verbose for information about all VM options).

--package-root= or -p Where to find packages, that is, "package:..." imports.

--version Print the VM version.

  • 1
    Thanks the error was I forgot to add the :$PATH at the end of my bash profile. So it suppose to look like this export PATH="$PATH":/your_path/dart-sdk/bin:$PATH – bossk Nov 14 '14 at 12:20
  • export PATH="$PATH":/your_path/dart-sdk/bin is enough. or PATH=$PATH:/your_path/dart-sdk/bin and then export PATH. – Sungguk Lim Nov 14 '14 at 12:26

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