I would like to install all TexLive packages available for Fedora using Yum. All of them have the format texlive-package. Is there a way to do it all without installing one package at a time (there are more than 5000!)?


If all the packages follow the patterntextlive-<package> you can use a regex to install them like so:

$ sudo yum install texlive-\*

You can also specify the pattern like this:

$ sudo yum install 'texlive-*'

NOTE: In either case we're protecting the pattern above from being interpreted as a glob by theshell.


$ sudo yum install texlive-\*
 texlive-zxjafbfont              noarch      3:svn28539.0-0.1.fc19       updates    16 k
 texlive-zxjafbfont-doc          noarch      3:svn28539.0-0.1.fc19       updates    16 k
 texlive-zxjafont                noarch      3:svn30105.0.2-0.1.fc19     updates    18 k
 texlive-zxjafont-doc            noarch      3:svn30105.0.2-0.1.fc19     updates    131 k
 texlive-zxjatype                noarch      3:svn28541.0.6-0.1.fc19     updates    24 k
 texlive-zxjatype-doc            noarch      3:svn28541.0.6-0.1.fc19     updates    149 k
Installing for dependencies:
 python-pygments                 noarch      1.6-1.fc19                  updates    965 k
 t1utils                         x86_64      1.37-4.fc19                 fedora     70 k
 teckit                          x86_64      2.5.1-9.fc19                fedora     282 k
 zziplib                         x86_64      0.13.62-2.fc19              fedora     80 k

Transaction Summary
Install  4867 Packages (+4 Dependent packages)

Total download size: 1.6 G
Installed size: 2.9 G
Is this ok [y/d/N]:·

Specifying package patterns

I highly encourage anyone that works with yum to thoroughly read the section titled: "SPECIFYING PACKAGE NAMES".



A package can be referred to for install, update, remove, list, info etc with any of the following as well as globs of any of the following:


         For example: yum remove kernel-2.4.1-10.i686
              this will remove this specific kernel-ver-rel.arch.

         Or:          yum list available 'foo*'
              will list all available packages that match 'foo*'. (The  
              single quotes will keep your shell from expanding the 
  • Huh, didn't know you could pass wildcards to "install". – Matthew Cline Oct 27 '14 at 5:21
  • Take a look at the man page for yum, it's all explained there. – slm Oct 27 '14 at 5:30
yum search texlive | grep '^texlive' | awk -p '{print $1}' > packages.txt
yum install $(cat packages.txt)

That will install every single TexLive package available.

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