This freeze happens when I try to reboot, shutdown -r now, poweroff, shutdown -h now etc. One time it freezes on my desktop image, and the other time it freezes on the fedora logo. I am dual booting Fedora 20 with Windows 8, which shouldn't matter.

  • Does the system freezewhen in Windows? – slm Oct 26 '14 at 20:25
  • @slm no, this only occurs when rebooting and powering off in fedora. – user89255 Oct 26 '14 at 20:33
  • Sounds like a driver/device combo is not strictly compatible and the system is hanging on the unloading of hte drivers for this hardware component. Does dmesg show anything about this? Also what does journalctl show anything about it when you bring the system back up for the timeframe where you attempted to do a shutdown? – slm Oct 26 '14 at 20:36
  • Ctrl-Function Key to escape Desktop X session while using Fedora, starting a terminal. Login as root. Kill the X session process. Try the reboot command to see if still hangs or if any useful messages displayed. – kph0x1 Dec 22 '15 at 14:30

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