I wonder how can I move my logical volumes from current physical volume to another without data loss. I have read mans but I haven't found this information there. I would be grateful for any help. Thx in advance


command is pretty straightforward

 pvmove /dev/sdb /dev/sdc


  • /dev/sdb is source
  • /dev/sdc is destination

those volume need to be in vg.

This command will remove from sdb all logical volume (provided there is room in /dev/sdc)

you can latre issue a

vgreduce vg01 /dev/sdb

to remove sdb from vg01.


If you need to free a specific disk - you can use
pvmove /dev/sdb
It will spread the data among all other disk of the vg.

There are lots of cammands under the lvm tool. If you specify your goal the answer will be more helpful

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