I have been struggling in the browser wars for years, and I think I have finally found an extension (chromium-vim) which allows me to switch away from Firefox (or more recently, palemoon) for good. However, there are two things that still bug me and I am not sure how to overcome them (search engines have not aided me as they normally do):

  1. I use an extension to achieve vim-like modal browsing so I do not need the URL bar (it is now just wasted screen real-estate. I know, once upon a time, there was a flag to disable the URL bar, but it appears to have disappeared. How can I disable the URL bar (but keep the tab bar)?

  2. I have the flag in chrome://flags set to allow extensions to function on chrome:// URLs, but it seems cvim still does not function on chrome:// URLs. Is this a chromium issue, or an extension issue?

  1. No, not anymore, though I wish they would. It was discontinued be cause the moving around was distracting. I remember how much I hate when (I think firefox's) back button would slide away on pages that didn't have a history and swoop back in when you followed a link. I guess I see their point. though I would really just leave it hidden all the time personally.

  2. The author of cvim addresses this on reddit:

You can actually make cVim run on chrome://* pages, but it requires a bit of tweaking. You'll have to download cVim from my GitHub repository, and edit the line in the manifest.json file look like this:

"matches": ["<all_urls>"],

to look like this:


Then you'll have to enable the Chrome flag found at chrome://flags/#extensions-on-chrome-urls.

I've tested it and it sure does work source: http://www.reddit.com/r/vim/comments/28af5n/cvim_now_with_more_features/ci90r6e

  • This definitely addresses issue #2. Well-done! Any ideas about issue #1? – HalosGhost Jan 20 '15 at 4:39
  • That's the downside of condensing two questions in one :) – charlie_pl Jul 27 '17 at 11:09

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