Why would I want to add a class to my menuentry (in grub2)?

If I understand the grub manual correctly, it could be used with themes.. But is that all?


In looking through the manual it only seems to pertain to theming. This excerpt had a bit more on the subject.

excerpt - http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#menuentry

The boot menu where GRUB displays the menu entries from the “grub.cfg” file. It is a list of items, where each item has a title and an optional icon. The icon is selected based on the classes specified for the menu entry. If there is a PNG file named “myclass.png” in the “grub/themes/icons” directory, it will be displayed for items which have the class myclass. The boot menu can be customized in several ways, such as the font and color used for the menu entry title, and by specifying styled boxes for the menu itself and for the selected item highlight.


Found this for menuentry:

The --class option may be used any number of times to group menu entries into classes. Menu themes may display different classes using different styles.

You need to look at grub-themes for usage.

Other options:
The --users option grants specific users access to specific menu entries. See Security.

The --unrestricted option grants all users access to specific menu entries. See Security.

The --hotkey option associates a hotkey with a menu entry. key may be a single letter, or one of the aliases ‘backspace’, ‘tab’, or ‘delete’

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