I can't connect with addresses containing domains with dash followed by dot, for example:


The only solution I found for this is adding domains like those to /etc/hosts, but I don't know all of those, so I can't do it.

I know this is out of standard, but Windows allows addressing like this and I have to implement it also under Linux.

System info: Fedora 20, linux 3.12.5-302 Tested under Firefox, Opera

I tested real-life, public internet domain and dig is working proper but ping is not.

  • You need to provide more info, such as what you're using to test. Is this a browser, some utility, what? That exact host name works perfectly fine on my system: i.imgur.com/FucBp8a.png – Patrick Oct 23 '14 at 11:37
  • Thansks for reply. I've added needed info. – Nightcat Oct 23 '14 at 13:52
  • 1
    Since RFC 952 does not allow hostnames to end with an hyphen (and neither does RFC 1123), I'd say this is standard-related. In your case, the example- subdomain could be considered invalid. – John WH Smith Oct 23 '14 at 15:22

I believe you out of luck with that, because linux libc doesn't support this. Your only options is to change glibc or rebuild your software against some alternative C library.


You could also override gethostbyname with some ld-preloaded library of your own and provide your own resolution method there. This was you'll have no need to build anything.

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