I've been trying to save in a variable the value of the convert of a number from decimal to binary, like this:

echo "obase=2;$num1" | bc   | tee -a register.txt

but I don't want to show it in screen, because the idea is just do the convert and save it in the file like register.txt

How can I do so?

  • Add a >/dev/null at the end. num1=10; echo "obase=2;$num1" | bc | tee -a register.txt >/dev/null – Valentin Bajrami Oct 22 '14 at 5:38
  • possible duplicate of Can a bash script be hooked to a file? – PersianGulf Oct 22 '14 at 5:58
  • Your original question had num = 10`, you should leave out the spaces. Also don't ask if someone can help, that can be answered by "yes"/"or" and doesn't solve your real problem. – Anthon Oct 22 '14 at 6:01

The tee command is there to split the output, most often used to get text to a file and to the screen.

Just leave it out and use output redirection (appending) to file with >>:

echo "obase=2;$num1" | bc >> register.txt

Instead of using tee, just use I/O-Redirection of the shell:

echo "obase=2;$num1" | bc >>register.txt

The >>-statement causes the output to be redirected (> redirect, >> append) to the file. The -a flag of tee causes also an append to the file. You only need tee if you want the output to be shown in the shell AND redirected to a file.


You can do it using the output redirection as below.

$ bc -l <<<"obase=2;$num" > register.txt

The above command will overwrite any older results. In case if you want to append your results.

$ bc -l <<<"obase=2;$num" >> register.txt

>> - Redirects output (STDOUT) messages in append mode.

> - Redirects output (STDOUT) messages in overwrite mode.

<<< - Here Strings, The word is expanded and supplied to the command on its standard input.

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