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I have a problem

ANSI escapes in Pash prompt are displayed as garbage in Gnome terminal

$ mono Source/PashConsole/bin/Debug/Pash.exe
[%?%p1%{8}%<%t37%e%p1%{16}%<%t9%p1%{8}%-%d%e38;5;7%;m[%?%p1%{8}%<%t40%e%p1%{16}%<%t10%p1%{8}%-%d%e48;5;0%;mPash - Copyright (C) Pash Contributors.     License: GPL/BSD. See https://github.com/Pash-Project/Pash/
[%?%p1%{8}%<%t37%e%p1%{16}%<%t9%p1%{8}%-%d%e38;5;7%;m[%?%p1%{8}%<%t40%e%p1%{16}%<%t10%p1%{8}%-%d%e48;5;0%;mPASH /home/gbuday/projects/Pash> [%?%p1%{8}%<%t37%e%p1%{16}%<%t9%p1%{8}%-%d%e38;5;7%;m[%?%p1%{8}%<%t40%e%p1%{16}%<%t10%p1%{8}%-%d%e48;5;0%;m 

that seemed to be a terminal one but it might be a Mono one. Might Mono not set termcap or terminfo properly and that causes that garbage to go on my terminal?

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This is a bug in Mono:



TERM=xterm mono Source/PashConsole/bin/Debug/Pash.exe

cures the problem. The default


makes Mono to out that garbage.

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