My computer is an ASUS ROG G750 and the wireless does not work. I've looked on the Kali forums but and I noticed that this seems to be a frequent issue but could not find anything useful. When I run an lspci I get:

Network contoller: Broadcom Corporation Device 43b1 (rev 03)

Which is my internal wireless card that came with my computer. When I type iwconfig all Ii get is:

eth0 no wireless extensions
lo no wireless extensions

No wlan0 or anything at all. I did download a Linux driver for the wireless card but noticed that it supports:


And so on but it does not mention mine. I saw on one forum that somebody recommended some program that utilizes Windows XP drivers but I did not find that helpful.


I had the same issue and this site worked for me http://www.kalilinux.net/community/threads/how-to-make-broadcom-bcm43142-wireless-card-work-in-kali.814/

  • Please post the most important or helpful parts of a link inline (it helps avoid link-rot). – HalosGhost Nov 3 '14 at 14:49
  • too late, it's a broken link, now. – Johan Boulé Jan 9 '16 at 17:33

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