Is there any way to make yum/rpm never install a particular file path, but to otherwise install any packages which contain that file path, and for verification to act as if that file exists? For example, a certain package puts a file in /etc/cron.daily that I don't want. I figured out a hack for that particular issue, but it seems like it might be something that could come in handy in other circumstances.

EDIT: I tried using RPM filetriggers to delete the file right after it was installed, but it didn't do anything. Plus it would probably have failed the yum verification step.


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Use the --excludepath= option, for instance if you have this kind of error:

$ sudo rpm -i chromium-27.0.1453.110-202711.x86_64.rpm
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/share/applications/chromium-devel.desktop;569df493: cpio: open failed - Permission denied

you can use the option like this:

$ sudo rpm -i chromium-27.0.1453.110-202711.x86_64.rpm --excludepath=/usr/share/applications/chromium-devel.desktop
# works ok

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