On Ubuntu 12.04 (in Gnome classic mode) I have a Custom Application Launcher that launches a small script, drop_on_me, whenever I drag and drop a URL from the address bar in Firefox or Chrome onto it.¹ I drag the URL by clicking the (Identity) icon next to the URL.

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How can achieve the same effect in Linux Mint 17 under Cinnamon, either with an application on the desktop or an applet in the panel?

There doesn't seem to be a simple way to add any existing script just like I have in Ubuntu. When you drag and drop something on a menu/taskbar applet the application doesn't start, so I am not even sure an applet would be the right thing to look for. E.g. when you drag a URL from chrome to the Firefox icon on the taskbar, Firefox doesn't start, let alone start and display the URL dragged on it.

I have looked at extending the context menu when clicking on the address bar, but that would require different implementations for Firefox and Chrome, and that in JavaScript as well.²

The script analyses the URL and takes action based on that. It does handle multiple domains with different actions. E.g. if a stackexchange/stackoverflow URL is dropped on it, a new directory <SE_SITE>_<QUESTION_ID>_<QUESTION_TITLE> is created under ~/src/stackexchange/, which I use as sandbox to experiment with files for a possible answer. An accompanying alias cdsx:

alias cdsx='cd ~/src/stackexchange; cd $(ls -t | head -1)'

gets me to that directory in any open bash shell.

¹You can launch "Add to Panel" with Alt+right mouse click
²Going that route would have the advantage of also being able to handle URLs on a page, without first opening the page and getting the URL in the address bar.

  • This has been one of the things holding me back from switching to Mint from my current, working, work environment. And I think it is the last thing left to do so.
    – Anthon
    Commented Oct 17, 2014 at 7:50

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For now I found a workaround in that I just drop the URL on the desktop. A program runs in the background and watches for any .desktop files created there and

  • parses its content to get the URL
  • launches drop_on_me if URL found
  • deletes the .desktop file

This has the advantage that I no longer have to aim for the application icon, and works because I normally don't have permanent "desktop links". It is IMHO not as elegant as the Custom Application Launcher.

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