I have a text file with a column containing text/data followed by an abundance column, e.g.

Car 3

Apple 2

In order to subsample these columns I would like to replicate each text column by the amount of the abundance column, e.g.

Car 1

Car 1

Car 1

Apple 1

Apple 1

Any idea how to accomplish this with for example awk?


If i understand the question properly you could do this

awk '{for(i=0;i<$NF;i++)print $1,"1\n"}' file

Found a shorter way

awk '{while($2--)print $1,"1\n"}' file


 awk '{ for (i=$2 ; i ; i--) printf "%s 1\n",$1 ; } ' < text


- `for (i=$2 ; i ; i--)` is a loop that starting from second field value decrease to 1
- `printf "%s 1\n",$1`  print first field with a 1
  • Dont need to redirect using < as awk takes files as args. I do like how you looped though :) – user78605 Oct 17 '14 at 7:58
  • @Jidder absolutly no need, this is juste given as a sample. – Archemar Oct 17 '14 at 8:02

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